Final Carolina Panthers game by game predictions for 2021 season

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Carolina Panthers vs. New York Jets – Week 1

Unfortunately for Zach Wilson and the New York Jets, the scheduling did them few favors. How about opening up against a better roster on the road against your former starting quarterback.

The poor rookie is going to have a tough day facing the Carolina Panthers defense and a vengeful Sam Darnold.

Unless Wilson is much better than he appears to be the Jets are in for another long season and Darnold is going to get his taste of revenge early on. New York is going to have a very hard time finding wins during the campaign despite making improvements across the board.

Make no mistake, no matter how much he may say otherwise, Darnold has had this game circled ever since he knew he would get a shot at his old employers, who gave up on him just before the draft when selecting Wilson at No. 2 overall became almost a guarantee.

Darnold was fired from the job Wilson now holds for New York and he is going to make it obvious it is the Jets’ dysfunction – not his talent level – that was the problem at MetLife Stadium.

The Carolina defense struggles early on before settling in and letting Darnold lengthen the gap in what will end up being a blowout in Week 1 for the Panthers at Bank of America Stadium.

Prediction: Carolina Panthers 31 New York Jets 16 (Record-1-0)