Final Carolina Panthers game by game predictions for 2021 season

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Carolina Panthers vs. New Orleans Saints – Week 2 and 17

The New Orleans Saints and Carolina Panthers are two teams headed in opposite directions.

The Saints have great pieces but their roster is aging and was reliant on veteran Drew Brees who is now enjoying retirement.

New Orleans spent their preseason holding a quarterback competition between Jameis Winston and a gadget player in Taysom Hill.  This team doesn’t have a quarterback or a good receiving core and is facing turnover defensively.

What makes anyone believe this team is going to be a contender?

We know what Winston is at this point in his career. He is going to turn the ball over consistently and he is going to hit home run shots.

However, this version of Winston is going to have fewer weapons in New Orleans than he did in Tampa and is going to hit on fewer of those deep shots.

Carolina is going to beat New Orleans twice this season.

A bold prediction that will come to fruition unless the Saints find a way to find a franchise quarterback in Winston or Hill – something that simply isn’t going to happen.

The Panthers have a great chance of sweeping the Saints this season, which would boost their hopes of becoming a wildcard team.

Week 2 Prediction: Carolina Panthers 17 New Orleans 13 (2-0)

Week 17 Prediction: Carolina Panthers 24 New Orleans 21