5 things we learned from the Carolina Panthers 2021 offseason

(Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports) Robby Anderson, D.J. Moore and Dan Arnold
(Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports) Robby Anderson, D.J. Moore and Dan Arnold /
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Versatility remains key for the Carolina Panthers

One of the big things behind building the roster under the new regime is versatility. The more positions a player can perform well in, the better their chances are with the Carolina Panthers.

It’s just that simple, really.

Matt Rhule is big on special teams’ contributors and fitting them into the team’s plans. A couple of players are specifically on the roster due to their playmaking ability in this area of the game – something that’s still vitally important in the grand scheme of things.

Of course, it certainly helps to have offensive linemen or defenders that can line up in multiple spots. Especially when the injury big inevitably bites at some stage during the season.

This is the blueprint Carolina’s primary decision-makers have implemented in the hope it can lead the organization back into legitimate postseason contention. Something that would be extremely welcome after years of languishing in mediocrity.

What comes next for Rhule in the second year of his tenure is vital. He left a solid impression in difficult circumstances last year and a more structured offseason to get his team ready should only help matters.

One thing’s for sure. The coach won’t be getting the same leeway he enjoyed last time around.

Hanging his hat of versatility is probably the smart route to go down. But as far as the fans are concerned, all that matters is winning.