5 things we learned about the Carolina Panthers in Week 1

(Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports) Robby Anderson
(Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports) Robby Anderson /
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Christian McCaffrey is the engine of the Carolina Panthers offense

Coming off of a serious injury and playing an objectively bad New York Jets team I thought the Carolina Panthers would take it easy on Christian McCaffrey in his first week back. Perhaps lean on Sam Darnold, Robby Anderson, and D.J. Moore to provide the spark offensively.

Well, nine catches and 21 rushes later I couldn’t have been more wrong.

McCaffrey was the focal point of the Carolina offense from the first snap and he gave them little reason to change direction.

Objectively he may have looked a step slower in his first week but this is knit-picking a running back who finished with 89 receiving yards and 98 rushing yards.

Life is going to be very easy for Carolina’s receivers if he continues to pose this type of threat in the weeks to come.

If McCaffrey can stay healthy this season, Carolina has a perfectly balanced offense that runs through him. It keeps their defense fresh and off the field and gives their best player the maximum amount of touches.

Though this does pose the question of whether he can maintain this pace for 17 games?

For now, Carolina fans can enjoy what was a dominating performance from their franchise player. One giving them much optimism for the season to come.