4 crucial matchups to watch during Panthers vs. Eagles in Week 5

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Carolina Panthers
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Jalen Hurts vs. Carolina Panthers LBs

Jalen Hurts has never really been considered the type of quarterback that will sit back in the pocket and kill you like Peyton Manning or Tom Brady. The former Alabama and Oklahoma star’s strength is in his mobility.

The fact that Hurts leads the Philadelphia Eagles in rushing yards four weeks into the season proves this point and the success of Lamar Jackson demonstrates that it can be a winning strategy.

However, Hurts is no Jackson and while he is mobile it is to a far lower extent than the former MVP. That being said, this is still something that must be accounted for by the Carolina Panthers’ defense.

This won’t be a situation like Davis Mills in Week 3 where the team can rush any way they want and forget about contain. If Hurts sees a hole he will not hesitate to exploit it and run for a big gain or extend the play until coverage breaks down.

Players like Shaq Thompson and Jermaine Carter will have to always keep an eye on Hurts just in case he gets any ideas. The one saving grace of this being that while the signal-caller can extend plays to a masterful degree, his downfield accuracy leaves something to be desired. So even if someone streaks open there is no guarantee that the pass will be on target.

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Hurts mobility and elusiveness will test the discipline of a young Panthers defense and prove just how much growth can come from an absolute drubbing.