4 Carolina Panthers players who need to return from injury ASAP

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Carolina Panthers
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Which Carolina Panthers players need to return from injury as soon as possible to potentially save their 2021 season?

Every NFL team gets injuries throughout the season. That’s just the nature of the business unfortunately.

However, the Carolina Panthers aren’t blessed with the greatest depth in the world. All it takes is for one or two key men to miss time and things start to go south. Something we’ve seen over the last three weeks.

The Panthers have gone from lively outsiders for a playoff spot to another potential season of being also-rans once again. Carolina’s level of production has tailed off dramatically and although injuries played their part, the coaching staff should still have enough talent at their disposal to perform to a higher standard.

Speaking on this topic, here are four players that the Panthers need off the injury report and in the lineup at the earliest possible opportunity.

Player No. 1

Carolina Panthers
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Christian McCaffrey – Carolina Panthers RB

We’re not going to spend a lot of time on this. But the last three games have proven beyond all doubt that the Panthers are relying far too much on Christian McCaffrey.

The All-Pro’s iron man image of the past is now well in the rear view mirror. What’s replaced it is an injury-prone running back who’s had far too much pressure on his shoulders over the last two years.

What’s more concerning is Matt Rhule’s proclamation that the Panthers are still looking for an identity without McCaffrey. Even though he’s missed 16 of the last 22 games.

This needs to be figured out, and quickly. Although what would be more beneficial is McCaffrey’s hamstring problem healing quickly and getting activated once again.