4 critical factors to blame for Panthers’ pathetic loss at the NY Giants

(Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports) Matt Rhule
(Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports) Matt Rhule /
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Carolina Panthers
(Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports) Matt Rhule /

Lack of adjustments from the coaching staff

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before.

Things didn’t start off well for the Carolina Panthers and only got worse. The players – especially on offense – need to do a better job of executing, but the in-game adjustments are almost non-existent and that’s squarely on the coaching staff.

Matt Rhule doesn’t call plays on either side of the football. So he has to be more aware of what’s going on right in front of him.

This narrative of Rhule being a promising coach is rapidly fading. The fact he has the final say on all these questionable personnel decisions makes it even worse.

The Panthers bet big that Rhule was the man to lead them back into contention. David Tepper prised him from the New York Giants’ grasp with a whopping seven-year, $60 million deal and although job security isn’t really in question right now for that exact reason, if things continue in a similar fashion for the remainder of the campaign, Carolina’s billionaire owner will have a huge decision to make.

It’s the same thing every week. But this performance had a completely different feel to it.

The biggest response is needed by Rhule, the staff, and their players. They just might not have it in them, in all honesty.