4 reasons the Panthers must swallow their pride and re-sign Cam Newton

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Carolina Panthers cannot afford to waste another draft pick

It’s been an aggressive approach to recruitment where the Carolina Panthers are concerned since Scott Fitterer was appointed general manager. The former Seattle Seahawks front office figure has left no stone unturned in the trade market when it comes to improving the roster, which is another option he’ll no doubt consider if the prognosis on Sam Darnold isn’t satisfactory.

While it’s a nice idea, in theory. The Panthers don’t have a Day 2 pick currently and they cannot waste yet another draft selection on a bridge quarterback that may or may not see the field.

That’s why – among other reasons – Cam Newton becomes a good option. Although it all depends on Darnold’s health.

The last thing Carolina wants is a controversy at the position. And having Newton as a backup doesn’t seem like a feasible option considering all he did for the organization.

However, if Darnold is out multiple weeks – which is possible considering the high-impact head collision – then signing a free agent like Newton rather than giving up another pick that could be put to better use is the smart call to make.

Granted, the likelihood of this happening is slim at best.

But as the old saying goes, time is a great healer. Providing there is a mutual interest, the quarterback still has the physical attributes to make a difference.