How could Odell Beckham Jr. help the Carolina Panthers?

Could troubled wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. provide some assistance to the Carolina Panthers if he is released by the Cleveland Browns?

Things seem to be developing rapidly between Odell Beckham Jr. and the Cleveland Browns. After a relentless campaign from the wide receiver that included his father and LeBron James to force a potential trade before the deadline, it now appears as if the former first-round pick is set for release after being excused from practice over the last two days.

If Beckham is put on waivers, then there are only a few teams that could take on the $8 million he’s owed for the second half of the campaign. One just so happens to be the Carolina Panthers.

Now, a move for Beckham would be a bombshell in no uncertain terms. Carolina has an abundance of weapons in the passing game and picking up a veteran such as this doesn’t seem in keeping with the current direction of the franchise.

However, for argument’s sake, there could be some benefits to picking up Beckham off the wire.

Firstly, the Panthers are having some difficulties in the passing game. This has to do with less than stellar pass protection more often than not, but Carolina is among the league-leaders in drops with Robby Anderson leading the way in this unwanted statistic.

There seems to be something amiss with the former Temple star. Acquiring Beckham would provide the Panthers with a game-changing presence on the edge or across the middle, although a case can be made for the LSU product being past the peak of his powers.

Beckham will also be coming into a new team with the biggest of chips on his shoulder. Things just haven’t developed between the wideout and quarterback Baker Mayfield from a chemistry standpoint, with this clear clash in personalities forcing Cleveland to choose between their No. 1 overall selection and a three-time Pro Bowler.

Don’t expect the Carolina Panthers to move for Odell Beckham Jr.

Carolina needs a spark on offense. Hopefully, this can come with the return of Christian McCaffrey providing he is managed in the right way.

But someone like Beckham could also be a wildcard despite the obvious problems that are there for all to see.

One potential complication that could emerge is within the locker room. Forget about Beckham’s contribution on the field – he would demand a significant number of targets right out of the gate and if these didn’t come his way, the player’s already shown a willingness to make things difficult.

There is no guaranteed money on Beckham’s deal after this season. He will count $30 million against the cap over the next two years of his contract but can be released with no dead money implications next spring.

This would be a tempting proposition for a potential contender needing help.

Unfortunately, Carolina isn’t in this position right now. The chances of them putting in a claim for Beckham when he’s eventually waived or released appear slim at best.

Beckham is an outstanding athlete who is a highlight play waiting to happen. He’d definitely help the Panthers solve some execution problems in the passing game, but it would be absolutely staggering if they went in this direction.

A parting of the ways between Beckham and the Browns is almost inevitable. Just don’t expect him to end up in Carolina.