When will former Carolina Panthers QB Cam Newton get signed?

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Cam Newton
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How much longer will former Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton have to wait before getting signed by another NFL team?

Another week of NFL football has begun and Cam Newton is still looking for a new home. The quarterback has yet to generate any significant interest outside of a call from the Seattle Seahawks that came to nothing, which is absolutely astonishing when one considers how many signal-callers are going down across the league.

Newton is now fully vaccinated and ready for another chance. Had he decided to get this sorted out sooner, he might still be starting for the New England Patriots and getting set to face the Carolina Panthers in Week 9.

Hindsight is a wonderful thing. But it appears as if the Patriots were looking for an excuse and Newton gave them one.

The situation with Newton is a strange one. Especially when one considers that guys like Blake Bortles are getting pulled off the street while a former No. 1 overall selection and NFL MVP is constantly getting overlooked.

There is plenty of speculation regarding just why teams are reluctant to provide Newton with an avenue back into the league. He’s had some injury problems and the arm strength might be regressing, but the Auburn product is still just 32 years old and clearly far more talented than some players getting work lately.