When will former Carolina Panthers QB Cam Newton get signed?

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Why are teams swerving Cam Newton?

At least from a football standpoint, it makes no sense that Cam Newton is not on a team. Things haven’t gone according to plan for the player since he was unceremoniously released by the Carolina Panthers, but writing him off in this manner is simply unacceptable for those needing clear assistance at the quarterback position.

Newton was playing well before COVID-19 complications in 2020. The New England Patriots worked the scheme to his strengths before deciding to revert back to the Tom Brady-style offense this time around with Mac Jones after missing the postseason.

The player stated that he’s had offers, although no real confirmation has come around despite the speculation. Newton clearly still has the fire burning inside him, even though teams seem to be looking at him as a last resort if they are considering the quarterback at all.

One element that is playing a part is whether Newton can transition successfully to being a backup. He is a big personality and this might put some organizations off, although you’d be hard-pressed to find a teammate that doesn’t speak glowingly about the signal-caller and his ability to lead.

You don’t transform a franchise from mediocrity into Super Bowl contention without it.

Newton’s accuracy and arm strength aren’t stellar and never have been during his career. But having him on the field completely shifts how a defense sets up thanks to his supreme ability in the running game.