Former Carolina Panthers star calls on team to re-sign Cam Newton

(Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images) Cam Newton and Tre Boston
(Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images) Cam Newton and Tre Boston /

Former Carolina Panthers player Tre Boston has called on the team to re-sign quarterback Cam Newton in the wake of Sam Darnold’s injury.

There are some real problems developing within the Carolina Panthers. More specifically, the constant source of frustration at the quarterback position.

Sam Darnold fluffed his lines yet again against the New England Patriots and is now set for a lengthy spell on the sidelines with a fractured scapula. This leaves the Panthers with no alternative other than to move forward with P.J. Walker for the time being, with the former XFL MVP candidate already proving he isn’t the long-term solution.

Carolina also brought in Matt Barkey – another USC draft bust – who could fill the backup role at the Arizona Cardinals in Week 10. Not exactly the most efficient option if Walker fails to deliver against one of the league’s best defenses.

Of all the names still sitting on the free-agent market, one man stands about above all else.

And the calls to sign him are growing with every passing day.

Cam Newton and the Panthers parted ways last spring to the dismay of large sections of the fanbase. He is looking for a new home following his release by the Patriots following training camp, which came in no small part to missing five days of practice with COVID-19 and allowing Mac Jones enough time to impress.

Newton is now fully vaccinated by his own admission. So that is no longer a concern.

Not only are fans clamoring for what would be a sensational return for Newton, but one of the signal-caller’s former teammates also hopped on the bandwagon after the extent of Darnold’s injury was confirmed.

Tre Boston calls on the Carolina Panthers to re-sign Cam Newton.

Tre Boston, who is still taking a close interest in team affairs despite his release earlier this year, took to Twitter in support of a potential reunion between Carolina and one of its best-ever players. And the reasons he put forward were incredibly valid.

It seems like a good idea to reignite the organization at a time when they are somehow still in the NFC wildcard mix despite losing five of their last six games.

However, if the Panthers were going to swallow their pride and re-sign Newton, they’d have done it already. And there is also the prospect of the Auburn product turning down any approach after the way he was treated.

The Panthers have made their bed. Gambling on Darnold hasn’t paid off and it further calls into question the ability of Matt Rhule and his staff to properly evaluate pro talent at the position.

There isn’t a tremendous amount of confidence in this current regime right now. Special teams’ production and defensive performance are where they need to be, which couldn’t be said about Joe Brady’s offense and things might not get much better with Walker under center.

They need a spark. Something Newton would undoubtedly provide despite the fact he’s now on the wrong side of 30.

Darnold’s time is running – or has already run – out.

A failed experiment that’s set the franchise back.

Bringing Newton back would be seen as those in power admitting they were wrong, to begin with. Not a good look even though hindsight itself dictates everyone should know this.

Boston is right in the sense that Carolina is wasting some exceptional football from other units. So doing what’s best for the team is all that should matter.

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Even though that is rarely the case.