What we know about bombshell meeting between Panthers and Cam Newton

(Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports) Cam Newton
(Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports) Cam Newton /

The Carolina Panthers are reportedly meeting with former quarterback Cam Newton later today. Here’s what we know so far.

It’s happening.

After days of speculation, Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers are reportedly meeting to discuss a sensational return later today, according to Jonathan Alexander of The Charlotte Observer. This is a bombshell of epic proportions after such an acrimonious departure from the organization in 2020.

Newton is looking for a new home after being released by the New England Patriots prior to the campaign. Now fully vaccinated, the Panthers are hoping to sign him according to Joseph Person of The Athletic, with Sheena Quick from FOX Sports Radio 1340 stating that talks have been happening for some time.

Cam Newton is meeting Matt Rhule and David Tepper with a Carolina Panthers return close.

Alexander stated who’ll attend the meeting, citing three separate sources with close knowledge of the situation.

"“Carolina Panthers head coach Matt Rhule, owner David Tepper and Steven Drummond, the vice president of football operations, plan to meet with former Panthers’ quarterback Cam Newton Thursday, according to three sources with knowledge of the situation.”"

If nothing else, this is going to reignite a fanbase that’s becoming increasingly frustrated with the way things are transpiring this season. Newton’s impending return will electrify supporters and the locker room in equal measure and a campaign that threatened to spiral out of control now has a sense of hope.

To say the reaction to this news has been positive would be the biggest of understatements. Newton is still adored by Carolina’s fans after propelling them from mediocrity into legitimate postseason contention in the blink of an eye and most were furious he was let go.

This almost certainly spells the end of the Sam Darnold era. Even if the former New York Jet returns to full health, there is absolutely no chance of him unseating Newton if everything goes according to plan.

Quick added in a tweet that if the Panthers had their way, Newton would be under center at the Arizona Cardinals this Sunday. Although that seems unlikely at this juncture.

"I have the best source possible and we’ll just leave it at that. Talks started earlier in the week and the Panthers sent the jet this morning. I have possible contract terms, but the numbers could change and I’ll be the first to let you guys know."

Whether this is about finalizing the contract and smoothing over some lingering animosity remains to be seen. Person later tweeted that he was under the impression that a deal was close to being done, which is nothing short of astonishing whichever way one looks at it.

Newton hasn’t played for a while – all season to be precise.

However, he always keeps himself in a supreme physical condition, and considering the Panthers are looking to get themselves back into a run-first scheme installing Newton alongside Christian McCaffrey is a mouth-watering proposition.

This seems like a done deal.

The return of the King.

As shocking development as there’s been in Carolina for some time. One that could potentially save their season and get them into the playoffs.

Kudos to all involved for swallowing their pride and putting football first.

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