4 elite traits Ikem Ekwonu brings to the Carolina Panthers

(Photo by Mindy Small/Getty Images) Ikem Ekwonu
(Photo by Mindy Small/Getty Images) Ikem Ekwonu /
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Ikem Ekwonu brings elite strength

There is a little bit for Ikem Ekwonu to work on in pass protection. But the kinks are minor and should be ironed out quickly once the player gets to working on his craft alongside James Campen, who is one of the league’s best at developing young talent into prolific performers.

Ekwonu has every single physical attribute imaginable. One of the biggest things the lineman has going for him is brute strength, which is matched by heavy hands that constantly overwhelmed opponents throughout his time at North Carolina State.

This can be a significant asset either on running downs or against the pass. It’s also worth remembering that Ekwonu participated in 500 pass-blocking snaps for the Wolfpack in 2021, giving up just three sacks according to Pro Football Focus.

One cannot be anything other than impressed by Ekwonu’s explosiveness at the point of attack. Once the player gets his hands on you, it’s pretty much over and something that will completely revolutionize the position as far as the Carolina Panthers are concerned.

The fans believe in Ekwonu. So do those influential figures within the organization who were praying the draft went their way.

It thankfully did, and now the Panthers stand to benefit.