4 major observations from the Carolina Panthers drafting Matt Corral

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Carolina Panthers
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What were some of the main observations that can be taken from the Carolina Panthers trading up to land quarterback Matt Corrall at No. 94 overall?

Well, after quite a long wait, the Carolina Panthers got themselves a new quarterback after taking a shift up the pecking order to select Matt Corral late in the third round. Those in power ended the signal-caller’s dramatic slide by selecting him at No. 94 overall, sending the New England Patriots their 2023 third-rounder and the No. 137 overall selection to get the deal done.

Corral was expected by many to be one of the first names called on Day 2. But there was a real reluctance to take any quarterback prospect across the league – something that was in keeping with the concerns surrounding this current class during the evaluation process.

Carolina resisted the temptation to trade for Baker Mayfield in favor of Corral, who will now compete with Sam Darnold for the starting job in training camp. Whether he can beat out the USC product or not is debatable initially, but there is nothing to suggest he cannot become the Panthers‘ starter with a little more refinement.

With this in mind, here are four major observations from the Panthers drafting Corral and what it could mean for the franchise moving forward.

Major Observation No. 1

Carolina Panthers
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Carolina Panthers saw value in Matt Corral

Not many expected quarterbacks such as Matt Corral and Malik Willis to slide so far during the 2022 NFL Draft. But what transpired on Day 2 was incredibly alarming and a reflection of just how this current crop of incoming college recruits was being perceived in relation to their chances at the next level.

The Tennessee Titans had to trade up for Willis and the Carolina Panthers did the same for Corral. If taking one at No. 6 overall was a significant reach, then this stage of the draft represented some real value if the former Ole Miss standout can eventually become a viable starting option.

Carolina had to emerge from Day 2 with somebody. And the compensation given to Bill Belichick is not going to jeopardize their chances in the long term.