4 big winners from the Carolina Panthers drafting Matt Corral

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Ben McAdoo – Carolina Panthers OC

When the Carolina Panthers opted not to pull the trigger on a Baker Mayfield and move up for Matt Corral instead, one couldn’t help but wonder just how influential new offensive coordinator Ben McAdoo was in the thought process.

McAdoo has a tremendous reputation for identifying college talent that possesses the necessary traits to thrive in the NFL. If the former New York Giants head coach was banging the table for Matt Corral rather than Mayfield – who he has been critical of in the past – then the Panthers would have undoubtedly taken this into serious consideration.

As stated previously, Corral seems like a great fit for the Panthers. Especially within the system that McAdoo is planning to deploy in Carolina.

Corral was tasked with plenty of run-pass option plays at Ole Miss. But his release is laser quick and this is matched by superb accuracy over short-to-intermediate routes, which could end up being just what McAdoo and the Panthers are looking for.

There is no doubt that Corral with benefit greatly from having experienced figures such as McAdoo and quarterbacks coach Sean Ryan to further refine his skills. Two men that have accomplished a significant amount and worked with some of the best in the business.