4 best landing spots for Cam Newton following 2022 NFL Draft

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Cam Newton could join the Seattle Seahawks

After trading Russell Wilson to the Denver Broncos, it was expected that the Seattle Seahawks would address the quarterback position during the 2022 NFL Draft. Especially once everyone barring Kenny Pickett fell well into the third round.

However, Pete Carroll resisted the temptation to make his move. This leaves the Seahawks with just Drew Lock as a realistic starting option, which wouldn’t exactly fill anyone with hope things can start trending in the right direction next season.

Of course, there is a chance for Seattle to reinforce their options via a veteran trade. Baker Mayfield has been linked with the Seahawks, but much will obviously depend on the compensation and how much of the player’s fully guaranteed $18.85 million the Cleveland Browns are willing to take on.

If the Seahawks decide to take their chances on a free agent, then it might be worth giving Cam Newton a call. Someone that looks like a good scheme fit on offense and would provide a better short-term solution than Lock based on his previous production.

This is arguably the best fit for Newton, who would get a legitimate chance to start in Week 1. Something that the legendary figure might not get anywhere else, in all honesty.