4 key men that can help Carolina Panthers QB Matt Corral thrive

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Which key men within the Carolina Panthers organization can help third-round quarterback Matt Corral thrive in 2022 and possibly beyond?

All eyes will be on Matt Corral this offseason after the Carolina Panthers traded up to select the quarterback during the 2022 NFL Draft. It was a small risk at No. 94 overall that will come with around $5 million guaranteed over four years, which will be a pittance if the Ole Miss product can become the team’s long-term answer under center.

Corral slid dramatically and almost out of the top-100 selections before the Panthers made their move. This was reportedly down to some off-the-field issues and the signal-caller’s size, which could lead to some durability concerns when the player starts taking hits from monstrous defenders that will look to wipe him out at any given opportunity.

Considering how turbulent things have been for Carolina at the most important position on the field, it’s refreshing to have a rookie on board that comes with some real upside. Expecting the player to start right away might be a stretch, which is why the Panthers are reportedly not entirely shutting the door on a trade for Baker Mayfield or another veteran before competitive action begins.

There’s no doubt that Corral has a huge chip on his shoulder after being so overlooked within a draft class that had just one first-rounder and plenty of criticism throughout the assessment process.

That’s all in the past. What’s important for Corral is focusing on the immediate and long-term future.

Here are four key men that could potentially help Corral shine with the Panthers next season and in the coming years.