6 games that will make-or-break Carolina Panthers’ 2022 season

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Carolina Panthers at Los Angeles Rams

Competing against the very best is what every NFL player strives for. The Carolina Panthers will get the chance to do just that when they travel to California for an acid test against the Los Angeles Rams at SoFi Stadium.

The Rams went on a memorable playoff run in 2021 that eventually concluded with a narrow Super Bowl triumph over the Cincinnati Bengals. Sean McVay’s exceptional offense and the team sacrificing high-end draft capital for proven players reaped the biggest reward imaginable and it would be a shock if the organization wasn’t right in the thick of things once again during the upcoming campaign.

Nothing much will be expected of the Panthers in this one. Something that might actually work in their favor providing they can relax, focus on the little things, and all pull together in the face of immensely gifted opposition.

Carolina would also be wise to seek the counsel of Austin Corbett in their preparations. The veteran interior offensive lineman was a key cog for the Rams last time around before joining the Panthers in free agency, so he will know more than most about McVay’s scheme and how it can be counteracted.

If the Panthers could win here, then there is just no telling what the team might be able to accomplish moving forward. Although to say it’s a long shot would be understating things.