3 key ways Cam Newton could help the Carolina Panthers in 2022

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Cam Newton
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Discussions are ongoing regarding Cam Newton’sreturn to the Carolina Panthers, but how could the iconic quarterback help in 2022? 

After a sensational return to the Carolina Panthers in 2021, the door has never been completely closed on Cam Newton potentially getting extended by the franchise at some stage this offseason. Despite drafting Matt Corral and having Sam Darnold on the books, those in power have refused to rule out the possibility of another veteran coming on board if they feel it can benefit the organization in the short term.

General manager Scott Fitterer recently revealed that the lines of communication remain open with Newton, who remains idolized by the team’s fanbase and left a big impression from a dedication and leadership standpoint last time around.

"“I think we’re still having thoughts. We have to see how this works out here throughout the spring. I just happened to be up at the [Kentucky] Derby last weekend and Cam was up there. We’re texting a little bit. The lines of communication are open. I know Coach Rhule has spoken with him. We are going to have a discussion at some point but we’re just not quite there yet, but we’ll see how it goes. The more competition we have at that position the better.”"

This would undoubtedly be a popular move. However, the deal and role would also have to work for Newton at this stage of his career.

It will be interesting to see how things play out and Newton also revealed there has been some interest from other teams since his contract expired. He might not be the force of old, but it’s a little too soon to be writing the former No. 1 overall selection off entirely.

With this in mind, here are three key ways that Newton could help the Panthers in 2022.