4 ambitious goals for Panthers RB Christian McCaffrey in 2022

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Christian McCaffrey
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Christian McCaffrey gains 90 receptions

If the Carolina Panthers want to maximize Christian McCaffrey’s usage while keeping him out of the firing line, so to speak, then making the most of his exceptional pass-catching prowess will be the best avenue to go down.

New offensive coordinator Ben McAdoo’s scheme relies heavily on short-to-intermediate routes and playmakers gaining significant yards after the catch. Something that McCaffrey is a specialist at in no uncertain terms.

McAdoo will know what he has in McCaffrey. An explosive player who is capable of turning any game on its head when in the right mood and fully healthy.

Another thing McCaffrey does is provide an outstanding security blanket for whoever is under center. One only has to look at how Sam Darnold capitulated when the Stanford product went down in 2021 to see just how vital this is.

McCaffrey has gone over 100 receptions twice in his career so far. While that could be attainable once again, if the running back can secure 90 catches then it’s a real step in the right direction.

And who knows, it might also enable the quarterback – whoever that might be – to also enjoy a profitable campaign along the way.