5 quarterbacks the Carolina Panthers could trade for in 2023

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Carolina Panthers could trade for C.J. Stroud

If the Carolina Panthers fail to meet expectations and land themselves yet another top-10 selection in the 2023 NFL Draft, then it might see a new head coach come into the fold with a completely different approach. This would not be good news for Matt Corral and one doesn’t have to look hard throughout league history to see what might happen in this particular scenario.

A lot of football has to be played between now and then.

But if Matt Rhule departs the organization in 2023, then the first objective for whoever comes in will be to find a signal-caller that can make more use of the exceptional weapons Carolina has on offense.

Much will depend on what transpires over the next year. However, if a trade opportunity presents itself for C.J. Stroud, then it’s a proposition that cannot be dismissed entirely.

The Ohio State quarterback is set to be one of the first names called in next year’s draft barring a complete catastrophe in 2022. Stroud has all the size, poise, and athleticism to become an NFL star in no time at all, even if recent prospects from the program have found life difficult in terms of translating their college production to the big leagues.

Carolina might not be alone in looking for a quarterback from a very deep class. This was also reportedly the reason why many 2022 recruits dropped so far down the pecking order.