4 scenarios that could see the Panthers challenge for NFC South in 2022

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Carolina Panthers take advantage of Tom Brady regression

This has got to happen sometime, right?

Things looked promising for other NFC South teams earlier this offseason when Tom Brady announced his retirement following a glittering career. This was set to come with some significant upheaval within the Tampa Bay Buccaneers before the veteran quarterback changed his mind after just 40 days and agreed to one more go-around.

Regardless of whether Brady can lift the Buccaneers to another Super Bowl or not is irrelevant. The end is clearly near for the signal-caller and considering he’ll be 45 years old when the campaign gets underway, falling off a cliff is not out of the realm of possibility.

Brady wouldn’t have come back if he didn’t feel like he would make a difference. And it’s also worth remembering that he did lead the NFL in passing last time around with 5,316 yards.

The Carolina Panthers and everyone else will be hoping that Brady regresses.

Perhaps more in hope than expectation.

More importantly, they must be ready to capitalize in the event this potential scenario becomes a reality.

Brady is as competitive as they come and clearly found life difficult moving on from football. Something that also played a role in accepting a lucrative deal to become an analyst with FOX Sports when he calls it a day for good.