Best starter at every Carolina Panthers position in franchise history

(Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports) Cam Newton, Thomas Davis, and Luke Kuechly
(Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports) Cam Newton, Thomas Davis, and Luke Kuechly /
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Who is the best starter at every position in Carolina Panthers franchise history?

The Carolina Panthers will be entering the 28th season of their franchise this coming year and while there hasn’t been a Super Bowl title in that time, many great players have come through and made their mark in the Queen City.

Times might seem tough right now with the team not making the playoffs over the past few seasons. But fans remain optimistic and two Super Bowl appearances in 27 years is no easy feat.

Unfortunately, the Panthers still haven’t been able to put together back-to-back winning seasons. However, that is more because of back luck rather than a lack of talent.

There are still frustrations about the lack of a Super Bowl victory and it doesn’t seem like they’ll be in contention this year, but a foundation is certainly in place.

To pick a “best” starter for every position in Panthers history is also no easy task.

Two or even three players can arguably be classified as the “best” at certain positions and it might also just be a matter of opinion.

Some probably believe that players in one decade might be better than those in another. It’s extremely difficult to really ever tell how one player would perform in a different generation.

But that’s what makes this fun.

There will be plenty of honorable mentions but for now, here is a look at the best starter at each position in Panthers history.