Panthers owner David Tepper cannot get out of his own way

(Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports) David Tepper
(Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports) David Tepper /

Another rash move from David Tepper regarding Charlotte FC is the latest example of the Carolina Panthers owner failing to get out of his own way. 

Just when everything was seemingly looking up for Charlotte’s newest expansion sports team, David Tepper and others in positions of power threw a wrench into some encouraging progress.

The owner of Charlotte FC opted to sign off on the firing of head coach Miguel Ángel Ramírez less than a year into his tenure and with the team in contention for an unlikely playoff spot in their inaugural campaign. A far cry from the patience Tepper has shown towards Matt Rhule with the Carolina Panthers after the former Baylor man attained just 10 wins from his first two seasons.

Whether Tepper was expecting more from the team’s opening set of competitive fixtures is up for debate. The atmosphere at Bank of America Stadium has been electric and considering what the achievable objectives were, things have gone well more often than not.

This latest piece of upheaval is in keeping with what’s transpired within Tepper Sports and Entertainment in recent months. A number of influential figures in the company are no longer around and there is also the Panthers‘ ambitious project at Rock Hill coming to an abrupt halt after a disagreement about payments.

There might be more to Ramírez’s firing than meets the eye.

Carolina Panthers owner David Tepper is rapidly losing the confidence of Charlotte sports fans

But from the outside looking in, it’s another indicator of Tepper failing to see the bigger picture and acting on impulse rather than facts.

The honeymoon period for Tepper in the Carolinas is over. People are now starting to point fingers in his direction rather than Rhule or anybody else.

While this probably won’t bother the NFL’s richest owner all that much. But he is finding out quickly that success in the business world doesn’t necessarily translate to a sporting environment.

This has nothing to do with the Panthers, as such. Even if the team has been on a steady decline ever since Tepper bought the franchise from disgraced former owner Jerry Richardson.

It is, however, a microcosm of the dysfunction that is following Tepper around like a bad smell. Unless something changes quickly, then the disenchantment between him and the fans will only grow.

There are other people in his ear that also need to take responsibility. However, with all this power Tepper has accumulated, and given how hands-on he is, the billionaire has to carry the can at some stage.

For all big talk and tailgating with fans, it’s come to nothing where it matters most.

Winning on the field.

Hopefully, things will turn around for the Panthers quickly. It certainly needs to be ahead of a crucial third season for Rhule, who has tested fans’ patience over his first two years at the helm.

Being a heavily involved owner is all well and good. But it might not be something Tepper is all that cut out for when push comes to shove.

There’s nothing wrong with taking a back seat and counting the profits. Just let the sportspeople worry about the day-to-day running and reap the rewards.

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Tepper seemingly wanted the limelight as much as the franchises he purchased or formed. However, he is now in real danger of completely losing the faith of those that pay their hard-earned money for tickets, merchandise, and everything in between.