4 obstacles that could prevent Matt Corral from playing in 2022

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Matt Corral
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Matt Corral struggles in the preseason

It would be a big surprise if the Carolina Panthers didn’t give Matt Corral all he could handle in the preseason. Something that will do wonders for his development and give him a broader perspective about just what it takes to be a starting-caliber quarterback at the next level.

Players are always trying to make a name for themselves in warmup games. Many will be fighting for their own futures, so they are sure to be doing all in their power to make life extremely difficult for Corral and come up with a big turnover that won’t go unnoticed by the coaching staff.

This is additional pressure for Corral. But he has enough in the way of big-game experience in the SEC to cope well with these demands.

However, if Corral struggles to make the necessary impression when on the field, then the Panthers will be wary of throwing him into the fire when the real games get underway.

Remaining composed will be key for Corral. It’s also important that the coaching staff sets realistic targets and remember that rookie signal-callers do need some significant time to adjust no matter where they are taken in the draft.

Fans are right to be excited about what Corral might become. They have been starved of good quarterback play for so long, after all.

But expecting miracles from Corral straight away will be unrealistic.

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