4 things Panthers head coach Matt Rhule must do better in 2022

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Matt Rhule
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Matt Rhule must trust his coaching staff

The Carolina Panthers underwent some significant changes to those working under Matt Rhule this offseason. Some influential coaches were removed from the equation and replaced with individuals that come with a wealth of success and experience at the NFL level – a welcome change that can hopefully lead to improvements on the field.

Rhule now has a solid foundation underneath his leadership that he can trust. Something the head coach has to take advantage of during gameday preparation and when the time comes for competitive games in 2022.

The likes of Chris Tabor, Ben McAdoo, Steve Wilks, and James Campen are outstanding coaches with proven credentials. Rhule will carry the can either way it goes, but trusting the opinions of these coaches and others will be the best possible way for the Panthers to make strides.

Much has been made of Rhule having absolute power in Carolina. This was a contract stipulation included by team owner David Tepper to prevent his target from joining the New York Giants.

This was a decision that’s backfired in certain areas. Rhule would be swallowing his pride by relying more on his coaches, but something he simply has to do after having little to shout about over his first two seasons in the job.

Failure to do so could result in some grave ramifications for Rhule and the franchise.