4 things Panthers head coach Matt Rhule must do better in 2022

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Matt Rhule
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Matt Rhule must be more accountable

Accountability was sorely lacking within the Carolina Panthers last season.

And it started at the very top.

Whether it was David Tepper going into complete radio silence or Matt Rhule blaming everyone else but himself, this attitude clearly rubbed off on the players and must change ahead of a critical third campaign for the head coach.

One only has to look at John Miller’s “sacks happen” or Dennis Daley’s “not my job” quotes during the season as evidence of this. The comments made by quarterback Cam Newton during his exit interview also indicate that this was an organization in complete shambles.

And that’s without factoring their 12 losses over the final 14 games into the equation.

There is nothing wrong with Rhule coming out and saying he got something wrong. Fans would probably respect that more than many every excuse under the sun when the evidence is staring everyone in the face.

This, in turn, would also have a positive impact on the locker room. Especially given the extreme sense of urgency that’s currently enveloping the Panthers after languishing in mediocrity for far too long.

Just be accountable. It’s not much to ask.

It might even improve relationships and overall demeanor along the way.