4 things Panthers head coach Matt Rhule must do better in 2022

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Matt Rhule
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Matt Rhule must adjust better during games

Perhaps the main problem with Matt Rhule so far has been his failure to adjust sufficiently during games. Something that’s seen him outcoached on countless occasions and raised significant questions about his capabilities in an NFL environment.

Rhule has been evaluating himself this offseason, too. He has made it a desire to become closer with his players on a personal level, which will help, but unless alterations at half-time and throughout 2022 contests don’t get better, the Carolina Panthers will only get so far.

This problem area is reflected in Carolina’s third-quarter production since Rhule took charge, which has been nothing short of abysmal and a key component behind the team’s struggles.

Again, leaning on coaches with legitimate NFL credentials will help. Rhule also has two years’ worth of experience to call upon no matter how bad things have been during that span.

If Rhule and the Panthers can make the correct calls with the game on the line, then it might just give them half a chance and could even give the head coach some breathing space for good measure.

Should glaring mistakes continue in critical moments, then it will be another nail in Rhule’s coffin. One that he might not be able to come back from.

It’s a fine line. But thankfully for Rhule, he still controls his own destiny.

For now, at least.

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