7 potential new head coaches the Panthers should already be thinking about

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Carolina Panthers should monitor Eric Bieniemy

Another offseason came and went without Eric Bieniemy getting a head coaching gig. Something that continues to bemuse those within the Kansas City Chiefs who work with the offensive coordinator on a daily basis.

Just why teams are unwilling to give Bieniemy a promotion is a mystery. But there just seems to be something missing and if it doesn’t happen next year, the opportunity might not come around at all.

The Carolina Panthers interviewed Bieniemy when they were looking for Ron Rivera’s replacement before opting to give Matt Rhule a seven-year, $62 million deal to prise him from Baylor. A contract that set a dangerous precedent and reportedly infuriated other owners across the league.

Whether David Tepper would go back and take another look at Bieniemy if Rhule fluffs his lines next season is undetermined. There could be bigger fishes to fry depending on who becomes available next year and admitting a mistake in 2020 is also unlikely.

Bieniemy’s name will come up, as it always does. However, with the number of potential head coaching candidates increasing with every passing season, it only decreases his chances unless the Chiefs go on to win a Super Bowl next time around.