Projecting win totals for every potential Panthers starting QB in 2022

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Matt Corral – Carolina Panthers QB

2021 Stats (college):

  • 13 Games
  • 10-3 record
  • 3,349 yards
  • 20 touchdowns
  • 5 interceptions
  • 67.9% completion

Without even a snap played in 2022, the cries can already be heard for Matt Corral to take the starting reigns and run with him as the future of the franchise. While these are premature it is also too early to say that they are misplaced.

Corral slid to the third round in what was a surprise to the entire league, including the Carolina Panthers’ front office. It remains to be seen whether that drop was deserved or if the team was able to find a gem in a limited draft.

Only time will tell this. However, the early signs are good and one can’t argue with the year that the rookie quarterback put up last year at Ole Miss with a couple of notable exceptions.

Scheme Fit:

As far as a scheme fit goes, the Panthers couldn’t have hoped for a better player to plug into Ben McAdoo’s new-look offense. Corral thrived on the short passing game opened up by an effective zone rush and hard play-action in college. Both things look to be an integral part of Carolina’s plans for 2022.

The only real question mark is Corral’s running and how much that was used. This hasn’t really been a trademark of McAdoo offenses.

Play Style:

Corral has a very rough and tumble play style. He loves to run with the ball, isn’t afraid to take the hit and most of the time ends up lowering it himself. While this can be a good thing it is also very dangerous and something that should be largely coached out of the player at the NFL level.

The signal-caller relies heavily on the run game to open up short crossing routes and then deep shots to make his play style effective. This lends itself well to the kind of identity the Panthers are clearly trying to implement.

Clutch Factor:

Few players can boast the kind of clutch record that Corral has. This is evidenced by the late-game heroics and composure in a one-point win over a tough Arkansas team.

The Ole Miss product is composed under pressure and is willing to both stand in the pocket or escape it if need be to extend plays. Accuracy is the only thing that takes a hit at points, but there are no losses you can pin on the shoulders of Corral looking at the film.

Projected Record: 5-12

While Corral has massive potential, the fact remains that he is still a rookie. There will be mistakes and head-scratching moments, but also some shockingly highlight-worthy performances and maybe even a player of the week in store.

Letting Corral sit is probably the best course of action at this point. But there is every chance for him to shock the world with this supporting cast, especially on defense.