4 reasons the Panthers might not gamble on another veteran QB

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Carolina Panthers might not get the right deal

It’s evident that the Carolina Panthers are not going to go overboard to secure a new quarterback. They do have the second-most cap space anywhere in the league, but general manager Scott Fitterer is not being held to ransom by the Cleveland Browns or anyone else.

Sure, Baker Mayfield would be an upgrade.

Jimmy Garoppolo, too.

But the Panthers could have other needs to fill before competitive games get here. Something they are rightfully taking into account throughout any negotiations so far.

According to Ellis Williams of the Charlotte Observer, the Panthers and Browns remain around $4.5 million off on how Mayfield’s $18.85 million salary will be split. The situation is worse with Garoppolo, who’s owed $26.95 million in 2022 – the last of his deal.

Carolina’s leverage could turn into stubbornness over time. Another reason why a veteran quarterback coming to the organization isn’t guaranteed.

Obviously, things can change in the blink of an eye and Mayfield’s recent comments suggest there is no patching up coming no matter what transpires with Deshaun Watson’s probable suspension. Whether the Panthers and Browns can reach a compromise is another matter entirely.