3 biggest losers in Carolina Panthers trade for Baker Mayfield

(David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports) Baker Mayfield
(David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports) Baker Mayfield /
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Who are the biggest losers from the Carolina Panthers getting their hands on quarterback Baker Mayfield after months of speculation?

The Carolina Panthers finally worked out a trade with the Cleveland Browns and landed quarterback Baker Mayfield. While the Oklahoma product may not be a franchise-saving signal-caller, he is a clear upgrade over Sam Darnold and will give the team a chance in 2022.

Baker was traded to the Panthers in exchange for a conditional fifth-rounder. The Browns will still be responsible for a large portion of the player’s salary as well, with Carolina simply having to give up a future pick in exchange for a quarterback who could prove to be the long-term answer under center.

Trading for Mayfield completely changes the outlook on the Panthers’ upcoming campaign. They have gone from clearly the worst team in the division to a scrappy one that could stay in the wildcard hunt if everything goes well early on.

The addition of Mayfield should be enough to push the Panthers past the Atlanta Falcons. They could also have a chance to surpass the New Orleans Saints if the former Heisman Trophy winner plays to his potential.

As with almost any trade in this league, it doesn’t come without repercussions for players both in Cleveland and Carolina. With this in mind, let’s take a look at the clear losers in a trade that was certainly a win for the Panthers’ front office.