4 ways Baker Mayfield can help the Carolina Panthers in 2022

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(Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images) Baker Mayfield /
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Baker Mayfield
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Baker Mayfield’s composure should help OL and defense

Look, Baker Mayfield has been sacked a lot in his short career. Just like Sam Darnold. However, the differences in how they get brought down are vastly different.

Mayfield has experienced both good and bad offensive lines. When they were bad, they were really bad.

The signal-caller does have a better sack percentage than Darnold. Mayfield has also shown that he can help a play last a little bit longer even when under pressure.

Unfortunately, Mayfield got worse under pressure last season. But he demonstrated the ability to scramble and managed in-game situations well by leading the Cleveland Browns to the playoffs and a postseason win in 2020.

Mayfield has actually run himself into pressure a bit more than it coming to him. In comparison, Darnold just has been awful at managing any pressure that comes towards him.

The Carolina Panthers greatly improved their offensive line this offseason and could have four new starters across the protection. If Mayfield can get the right coaching this offseason, his ability to read the pocket and understand the defense could help this revamped unit look even better.

The protection has been one of the biggest problems for Carolina these past few years. A  quarterback with Mayfield’s skills can certainly help.