Ranking the 5 most intimidating Panthers players in franchise history

(Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports) Steve Smith
(Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports) Steve Smith /
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Who are the most intimidating players to ever turn out for the Carolina Panthers throughout franchise history? 

The game of football is arguably one of the most physical in all of sports and the best of the best usually make it to the National Football League.

Throughout the history of the NFL, we’ve seen quite a range of players. From ‘Mean’ Joe Greene to Lawrence Taylor, a lot of those players are ones that you didn’t want to mess with or let get the best of you.

When thinking of intimidating and scary players, many automatically think of big defensive players or offensive tackles. However, many more players brought this persona while not being the nastiest.

With the NFL being around so long, different generations of fans probably have varied opinions about who the scariest players in league history are.

The Carolina Panthers have yet to win a Super Bowl in their history. But they’ve had more than a handful of scary players make their way through the Queen City.

Some only played with the Panthers for a short time while others spent their entire career here.

As we finish up the ‘dog days of summer’ and approach the 2022 season, who are the top five most intimidating players in Panthers history?

Let’s take a look.