Ranking the 5 most intimidating Panthers players in franchise history

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Cam Newton – Former Carolina Panthers QB

  • 2011-20, 2021

For almost a decade, the Carolina Panthers were fortunate to have one of the most physical and dominating quarterbacks in NFL history that could not only throw the ball but run it.

Drafted first overall in 2011, Cam Newton is the league’s all-time leader in quarterback rushing touchdowns by a large margin. During his prime, he was almost unstoppable on the field.

Newton had his struggles with throwing accuracy at times. But defensive players had an extremely hard stopping him at the peak of his powers.

Once Newton took off on his feet, he was hard to take down. During his prime, he was listed at 6-foot-5, 245 pounds, and had the athleticism to match.

The 2015 MVP was a highlight reel at times, flipping over and towing through defenders, and juking out players on his feet. To go with his physical abilities, the Auburn product brought confidence and cockiness to his game, making him a very scary player to be on the wrong side of.

It’ll be quite a while until the Panthers, if ever, find a signal-caller with Newton’s stature and dominance. His time with the team almost certainly came to an end once the organization traded for Baker Mayfield, but his legacy in Carolina will live through the ages.