3 scenarios where Cam Newton could still sign with Panthers in 2022

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Cam Newton
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Cam Newton needs a year to rebuild his value

Cam Newton needs to show he is willing to accept a different role next season. One that he hasn’t necessarily had before.

Marcus Mariota, Mitch Trubisky, Jameis Winston, and Carson Wentz are just a few recent examples of quarterbacks who have struggled and found their way back into starting jobs by stepping away from the spotlight.

The league’s greatest-ever running quarterback may not have the athleticism that drove him to win an NFL MVP and almost secure an elusive first Super Bowl for the Carolina Panthers, but his physicality and leadership could still be of use.

However, there isn’t any reason to think a productive and quiet year in Carolina wouldn’t earn Newton another chance to start. He is still more than capable of winning in the right situation with a solid roster.

The problem has been his health in New England and the dysfunction last season in Carolina.

Newton coming in and playing a utility role behind Baker Mayfield will show the NFL what he has left and possibly earn him another starting job. He cannot afford to simply sit and wait for the first injury or suspension to send a starting job offer his way.

Thinking long term, returning to Carolina appears to be in the best interest of Newton’s career. It also allows him time to contribute, get healthier, and rebuild his game as a player who isn’t quite done just yet.

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