Time running out for Cam Newton in pursuit of full offseason

(Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports) Cam Newton
(Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports) Cam Newton /

Time is running out for former Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton regarding a full offseason to prepare elsewhere.

Cam Newton freely admits to putting himself in bad situations since his release by the Carolina Panthers in 2020. Something he should be keen to avoid if another opportunity comes his way next season.

Newton arrived at the New England Patriots amid COVID-19 concerns and with little time to learn the playbook. Returning to the team that cast him aside before Week 10 at the Arizona Cardinals in 2021 brought hope that wasn’t there previously, but left no time to adjust before he was thrown into the firing line.

The debate surrounding whether Newton has what it takes anymore remains a hot one on social media within the Panthers’ fanbase and beyond. In truth, nobody knows for sure as the former Auburn standout hasn’t had a full offseason to develop chemistry and immerse himself in a playbook for some time.

A trend that is likely to continue this summer.

Despite speculation linking the Cleveland Browns with a move for Newton ahead of a likely suspension for Deshaun Watson, the organization decided to sign Josh Rosen to a one-year deal instead. Although there is little doubt that the former NFL MVP is a better option, teams are clearly wary about having such a big personality serving as a backup.

Cam Newton faces a long road back once again in 2022

Just where this leaves Newton is undetermined. It was a long wait for the signal-caller before the Panthers came calling last season and if he was hoping for a prolonged period to pick things up elsewhere this summer, he might be out of luck.

Of course, things could change if injury strikes somewhere. Newton is easily the best available free agent currently and remains a substantial threat running the football that’s been the hallmark of his potential Pro Football Hall of Fame career.

Newton still believes that there are not 32 quarterbacks better than him even now. And he might be right.

But that doesn’t mean it’s not going to be a long road back for the Heisman Trophy winner if another franchise comes calling before or during the 2022 season.

The iconic figure has plenty going on away from the NFL to keep him occupied.

Newton is a budding media mogul and an entrepreneur. He is also inspiring the next generation with his 7-on-7 camps that are going from strength to strength.

One thing is certain regarding Newton. He owes the game nothing after sacrificing his body and giving absolutely everything to the cause en route to being the face of the NFL once upon a time.

Few have ever played the game with such passion and flamboyance combined. Newton will forever be loved in Carolina and will rightfully hold a lasting legacy for his production on the field and work within the community.

If Newton wants to resume his career, he’ll have to do it the hard way again. An experience the No. 1 overall selection in 2011 is all too familiar with.

Only time will tell as to what comes next. But even if this is the end for Newton, he would leave football with his head held high and can have absolutely no regrets whatsoever.

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