4 potential surprises that could emerge in Panthers 2022 training camp

(Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports) Matt Rhule
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Matt Rhule lets others take the lead in Carolina Panthers camp

Obviously, the position of head coach is important and unrivaled. But for Matt Rhule, a different approach is almost guaranteed after accumulating just 10 wins from his first two seasons with the Carolina Panthers.

Rhule has had a lot on his plate since agreeing to replace Ron Rivera. Whether he’s taken on too much is debatable, but program building and having the final say on personnel decisions was clearly too much for someone with little in the way of legitimate NFL experience.

David Tepper gave his guy a reprieve this offseason when many expected the billionaire owner to show him the door. But the staff working under the former Baylor man has altered drastically, which is something that can benefit the Panthers if Rhule also takes a surprising back seat, to a certain extent.

That’s not to say Rhule isn’t going to be a big voice. But he now has real experience in his coaching staff to lean on for additional support that wasn’t there before.

This also counts for the players, too.

Rhule has been eager to seek the counsel of prominent veterans within the locker room. This could also transition to the practice field at Wofford College if influential figures within the organization feel it will help in the long run.