5 Carolina Panthers who deserved better throughout franchise history

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Ron Rivera – Former Carolina Panthers HC

What would Carolina Panthers fans give to trade Matt Rhule for Ron Rivera this season?

With Rivera coaching and Baker Mayfield under center, I believe there is a good chance this team would be in the playoff. With Rhule leading the way, it is difficult to trust a coach who has done little to instill confidence in his leadership.

There is no hiding the fact that more than once Rivera underachieved during his time in Carolina. Just as there is no hiding the team’s immense respect for him as a leader of men.

Rivera was pivotal in building a dominant Carolina defense and helping push the team to the playoffs three times during his tenure. It’s hard to imagine the team wouldn’t be significantly better considering his leadership and superior coaching had David Tepper not decided to pull the trigger.

The respected figure deserved better from the Panthers. He was also replaced by a coach who has done a far worse job than Rivera did.

Rivera has pushed a mediocre Washington Commanders roster to one playoff berth and two competitive seasons over the last two years and looks to have them headed in the right direction. Carolina is objectively a better roster, which turns up the heat further on Rhule in Year 3 of his tenure.