5 huge concerns facing the Carolina Panthers in Week 1 vs. Browns

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Can Carolina Panthers QB Baker Mayfield keep it together?

The spotlight could not be much brighter on Baker Mayfield. His offseason was turbulent and full of speculation, but now is the time to start proving the doubters wrong on a potential road to redemption.

Mayfield gains significant media interest wherever he goes. The Carolina Panthers made another bold move to acquire the quarterback, with the NFL schedule-makers coming up with a stroke of good luck with an instant clash against his former team.

In fairness to Mayfield, he’s been cool, calm, and focused on football. But with emotions and adrenaline running high, keeping it together between the white lines is imperative for the player and Carolina’s chances of winning.

The impression left by Mayfield this summer was extremely positive. The Panthers voted him as a team captain for the upcoming campaign, which is a far cry from the childish, immature accusations about his character stemming from Cleveland once the trade was confirmed.

Mayfield is a fiery individual that possesses high-competitive traits. Whether this hinders the signal-caller’s ability to remain composed in the face of his previous employers is a concern.

Carolina’s hopes rest squarely on Mayfield’s shoulders. Coming through in the clutch is exactly why the Panthers brought him on board, but this isn’t an easy proposition to kick things off.