3 reasons why the Dallas Cowboys should call Cam Newton

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Cam Newton
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Cam Newton can slot in straight away and help

One thing that Cam Newton cannot be accused of is shirking a challenge. Even if this hasn’t put him in the best possible position to succeed over the last two seasons.

The New England Patriots brought him into the fold pretty late in the day before the 2020 campaign. Newton’s troubles with COVID-19 didn’t help matters, but stepping into the shoes of Tom Brady was never going to be the easiest task for a team devoid of any real offensive weapons.

While the league seemingly wrote Newton off after Bill Belichick cut ties in favor of Mac Jones, a switch back to the Carolina Panthers brought a new lease of life. The Auburn product still loves the organization, but this was not the same locker room environment the signal-caller experienced when the team was at the peak of its powers under Ron Rivera.

Newton remains adamant that there aren’t 32 quarterbacks better. But the NFL has a different outlook based on previous events.

This could be the opportunity Newton’s been waiting for. While the Dallas Cowboys couldn’t be classed as stable by any stretch of the imagination under the rule of Jerry Jones, there is enough talent across the board and the former NFL MVP has already proven capable of slotting in at a moment’s notice.

The Cowboys can ill afford to lose further momentum. This added sense of urgency makes signing Newton a tempting proposition all things considered.