4 major observations from Baker Mayfield’s performance vs. Cardinals

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Baker Mayfield
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Baker Mayfield and Ben McAdoo are not cohesive

Baker Mayfield isn’t playing well. There is no doubt about that whatsoever.

However, perhaps even more disappointing is the bland, predictable offensive scheme deployed by Ben McAdoo. Something that looks light years behind the rest of the league.

McAdoo is an old-school coach with little wiggle room within his system, which is said to be difficult to grasp. Considering what’s being schemed up over the opening month, it doesn’t appear to be all that complex.

There is no pre-snap motion, no trickery, and routes that are all-too-predictable. It’s not taking long for opposing defenses to quash the threat on offense and McAdoo just hasn’t got the right adjustments to counteract anything, in all honesty.

Mayfield is suffering as a result. But the batted passes are a huge problem and the timing just isn’t where it needs to be after arriving late in the offseason with little time to develop chemistry as Matt Rhule insisted on a quarterback competition.

The Carolina Panthers’ offensive coordinator was not exactly complimentary about Mayfield during his pre-draft assessment. And it’s clear from the first month of competitive action that McAdoo and the Heisman Trophy winner are not compatible.

And that is a big complication for the beleaguered head coach.