3 huge changes the Panthers coaching staff must make vs. 49ers in Week 5

(Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports) Ben McAdoo
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Carolina Panthers staff must play to Baker Mayfield’s strengths

The Carolina Panthers offensive staff as a whole has failed the players, putting them in positions incapable of maximizing their respective skill sets. Ben McAdoo’s system is bland and doesn’t incorporate the right philosophies to consistently move the chains, which is going to be extremely difficult against the San Francisco 49ers in Week 5.

Baker Mayfield is at his best in the play-action bootleg game. Getting him out of the pocket is where he made his money with the Cleveland Browns and something McAdoo must start implementing more frequently to avoid further complications.

McAdoo has yet to roll Mayfield out of the pocket to avoid tipped passes while cutting off one side of the field, making it a more precise picture for the signal-caller to read. The empty formations are simply not working out and defenses are figuring out how to counteract Carolina’s offense quicker than ever before.

The former Oklahoma star just doesn’t look comfortable. Inaccurate balls due to Mayfield having to change his arm angles to get throws past the line of scrimmage is another complication, but McAdoo must shoulder a considerable portion of the blame.

It’s very evident that Joe Brady wasn’t the problem – he was simply a scapegoat for Rhule to save his job. Carolina’s offense under McAdoo has been underwhelming at best and if adjustments cannot be made this weekend, it might be too late.