4 big takeaways from David Tepper’s presser after Matt Rhule’s firing

(Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images) David Tepper
(Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images) David Tepper /
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David Tepper
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David Tepper’s patience was tested

As the constant stream of questions enveloped David Tepper, it was clear his patience diminished significantly. This threatened to boil over during a confrontation with experienced columnist Scott Fowler of The Charlotte Observer, which promptly brought the press conference to a conclusion.

It was an awkward exchange, to put it mildly. Tepper didn’t take kindly to Fowler’s comment about waking up and deciding to do it rather than giving the firing more thought, which came with some bizarre statements before the Carolina Panthers media team halted proceedings.

"“Scott, I read your column, okay? You know better. I actually read your columns and I can go back to your columns and regurgitate them. So you can read your own columns for that answer.”"

Reading the answer in his own columns. Incoherent ramblings from an owner that was feeling the heat in no uncertain terms.

Tepper is frustrated. He wants a winner and to be respected within NFL circles, which looks further away than ever right now.

Carolina has gone from a playoff team to a laughing stock under his ownership. Firing Matt Rhule was the start, but Tepper has a long way to go before confidence is restored.

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