4 reasons the Carolina Panthers were right to fire Matt Rhule

(Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports) Matt Rhule
(Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports) Matt Rhule /
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Matt Rhule was fired by the Carolina Panthers after a poor start, which was the right call to make in pursuit of progression. 

The inevitable has finally happened for the Carolina Panthers. They moved on from head coach Matt Rhule after another disastrous home loss to the San Francisco 49ers in Week 5, which puts them at 1-4 to start the season.

After years of inept performances, late-game collapses, terrible play-calling, and game management, the Panthers finally had enough. Much to the delight of fans everywhere judging by how the news was generally received on social media.

While there are other issues for this team, whether you win or lose it is pinned on the neck of the head coach and there was simply too much losing.

There was more patience shown by the Panthers than there probably should have been. From bizarre hot takes to excuses and questionable personnel decisions, nothing ever clicked between Rhule and the fanbase or even the team as a whole it seems.

The players never looked to fully buy into anything the former Baylor coach had to say. Even though they would never say anything negative publicly in front of the media.

There were too many issues to count as to why the Panthers decided to move on, but some stick out above the others. With that in mind, here are four reasons why Carolina was right to fire Rhule.