4 reasons the Carolina Panthers were right to fire Matt Rhule

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Carolina Panthers couldn’t adjust under Matt Rhule

This topic was discussed at length last season and nothing has changed for the Carolina Panthers. The team does not adjust, it doesn’t even react to what the opposition is doing and acts like its game plan is set in stone.

Nothing shows this more than how much the team struggles coming out of halftime when the opposing team takes a look at what the Panthers are doing and adjusts accordingly. Whereas Carolina trots out like the first half never even happened and expects the same thing to work.

At least the Panthers have been able to put up some points in the third quarter this season. But it is still a major issue for this team and that once again goes back to coaching.

One of Matt Rhule’s main jobs was to fire up his team and get them ready to take the opposition by storm. Instead, Carolina consistently looked flat and unenthused coming out of the locker room.

Rhule has never looked the part of a true leader at the NFL level. This is another huge factor as to why this team has failed to adjust and has simply been outcoached in almost every game for the past three years.

When Rhule looks back at his time in Carolina, perhaps he’ll privately acknowledge he was too controlling. Even with the addition of coaches with legitimate NFL credentials this offseason, he was unable to turn this sinking ship around.