3 scenarios that could see Carolina Panthers trade Christian McCaffrey

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Christian McCaffrey
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Carolina Panthers continue losing

We have a couple more games before the 2022 NFL trade deadline. If the Carolina Panthers continue on their current slump, it has the potential to shift the narrative about what the organization requires for Christian McCaffrey.

For example, say the Panthers are 1-8 on the Monday after their Week 8 clash with the Atlanta Falcons. The chances of securing the No. 1 overall selection increase exponentially and might see Scott Fitterer diminish his supposed leverage in negotiations for good measure.

The Panthers are wasting McCaffrey’s prime years. He’s not alone in that regard, but dealing him from a perennial loser to a legitimate contender is something the player would probably welcome at this stage of his career.

If the Panthers managed to show signs of life under interim head coach Steve Wilks, it could be worth keeping McCaffrey around for their remaining games. Although this also increases the risk of injury and getting nothing in return.

It’s a precarious situation that Fitterer must handle with care. McCaffrey is still beloved within the fanbase, but most acknowledge the team’s current status and the need to plan for a sustainable future.

Should that result in trading McCaffrey, then so be it. But the move must be justified by strong draft capital and perhaps even a productive player to sweeten the deal.

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