3 reasons the Carolina Panthers should draft Bryce Young in 2023

(Randy Sartin-USA TODAY Sports) Bryce Young
(Randy Sartin-USA TODAY Sports) Bryce Young /
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Although it’s a long way off, the Carolina Panthers should already be thinking about drafting Alabama quarterback Bryce Young in 2023. 

We are about to embark on Week 7. But fans of the Carolina Panthers are already casting their eye towards what promises to be another dramatic offseason period next spring.

According to Football Outsiders, the Panthers have an overwhelming chance of attaining the No. 1 overall selection in the 2023 NFL Draft. Something that would likely bring another shift at the quarterback position after years of personnel mismanagement.

Next year’s quarterback class has two elite prospects and many others that come with real potential. It appears neck and neck between Bryce Young and C.J. Stroud to be the first player taken, although cannot rule out the possibility of stud defensive end Will Anderson Jr. also entering consideration depending on who secures the first pick.

There will be many twists and turns to come. However, here are three reasons why the Panthers should strongly consider drafting Young in 2023.

Reason No. 1

Carolina Panthers
(Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports) Bryce Young /

Carolina Panthers need poise at QB

Much has been made of Bryce Young’s size and his long his shelf-life will be at the next level. But one cannot dismiss the signal-caller’s poise and composure within the pocket, which is the best among all draft prospects by a considerable margin.

Young is rarely rattled in the pocket and displays the footwork needed for elusiveness in tight windows. Even when he is the subject of big hits, the Alabama product dusts himself off as if nothing has happened and continues to make plays.

Considering how brittle things have been for the Carolina Panthers under center since Cam Newton was at his peak, this would be a refreshing change of pace behind a much-improved offensive line.