Panthers game-by-game predictions for second half of 2022 season

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Carolina Panthers vs. Steelers

Facing the Pittsburgh Steelers is clearly not the tough prospect it was in seasons past. This is an organization going through a transitional period after Ben Roethlisberger’s retirement, which looks set to give head coach Mike Tomlin his first-ever losing season since taking the job.

Much has been made about Pittsburgh’s lack of consistency at the quarterback position. Mitchell Trubisky didn’t make the most of another starting opportunity and even though Kenny Pickett has flashed, the jury is still out as to whether or not he can become a productive NFL starter.

This could lead Tomlin back into the quarterback pool in 2023 if things don’t improve. If it wasn’t for the Steelers’ defense in 2022, there’s just no telling how bad things would be for a once-proud franchise that appears way behind others in the AFC North at present.

With that being said, any team coached by Tomlin demands a certain level of respect. The Carolina Panthers are going through their own problems, but if Steve Wilks and his staff game plan well for this encounter, they can emerge with a fifth victory of the campaign.

Prediction: Win (5-9)

Realistically speaking, this one could go either way. Stopping the Steelers’ run game will be crucial to the overall outcome and if the Panthers can successfully do this, a win won’t be too far behind.